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  • Made in Germany

  • Integrated Phone Service Smart Panel

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For single-family homes and businesses with 1 unit, 1 call button

  • Surface-mount housing included

  • LAN connection (PoE compatible)

  • 2-way audio

    Ultra-wide angle lens, 1080p, night vision, IR LEDs

    4D motion sensor


    1 freely configurable bistable switching relay

Stainless steel V2A, brushedStainless steel V4A (salt-water and grinding dust resistant) brushed
Stainless steel V2A, brushedStainless steel V4A (salt-water and grinding dust resistant) brushed


Open API

Local interface for integration with third-party systems and SIP


Clear voice transmission


Automatic door and gate opening when returning home

Light sensor

For night vision mode

Motion sensor with 4D technology

Distance up to 6 m (19.7 ft) adjustable via App (interval: 1 m/ 3.3 ft)

Fingerprint reader

- Supported number of fingerprints: 50

- Status LED (RGB)

- Touch sensor

Video and audio call

On smartphones, tablets (iOS, Android), IP and landline phones (SIP)

Automatic door buzzer

For use in medical offices and office environments

Night vision

With Infrared LEDs

One freely configurable bistable latching relay

- Control one door or one gate via App

- Status configurable via App: temporary or permanent circuit

Noise reduction and echo cancellation (AEC, ANR)

Smart Transmission Mode (STM)

Real-time audio / video communication, optimized for mobile devices via WiFi, 3G, 4G, 5G

Free visitor history

Store still images for free, optional video recording available

HDTV Video

Ultra wide-angle, hemispheric lens, 180°

Easy self-install

Quick installation via QR code scan

Easy connection to the network

Connection via a network cable or bell wire via 2-Wire Ethernet PoE Converter “DooBird A1071” (PoE, network data)

Smart Home & NVR compatible

Control4, Loxone, Crestron, Synology, AVM FRITZ!Fon, URC, QNAP, RTI, ELAN, Fibaro, Bang & Olufsen and others

Individual action schedules, e.g.:

- Switch relay 1 for automatic door release Mon-Fri from 9 am until 4 pm when the call button is pressed

- 4D motion sensor switches on external lamp between 9 pm and 6 am

Call button

With backlit nameplate

WiFi enabled

Works within a WiFi network, no LAN cable needed