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IOS and Android Version / Hardware

During App development we must always operate under the specifications and guidelines provided by Apple and Google, which suggests that, among other things, that apps and app updates for the App Store and Google Play Store must always be developed using the latest iOS and Android versions. This means that new apps are reserved for the current smartphone operating systems and hardware. Because our products are also security related, we advise that you always use the latest smartphone with the most recently updated version of iOS or Android.

You can find the current minimum requirements for the app in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, depending on your operating system. 


A1121 series:

The A1121 series has a built-in RFID reader for access control with two possible operating frequencies: 125 kHz or 13,56 MHz. The operating frequency can be configured in the DoorBird app. Parallel operation of both frequencies is not possible. A maximum of 500 key fobs can be registered.

D21x series:

The D21x series features a built-in 125 kHz RFID reader for access control (Active Reader Passive Tag (ARPT) system), as specified in ISO/IEC 18000-2:2009 Part 2. A maximum of up to 500 key fobs can be registered.

D11x series:

The D11x series does not have an integrated RFID module.

D10x/D20x series:

The D10x/D20x series has a built-in 433 MHz transceiver, which was originally planned to control additional sensors and remote controls (e.g. garage doors). Unfortunately, there was not only too little demand in this regard, but also a lack of third-party providers using corresponding modules. The 433 MHz module therefore remains inactive. 

DoorBird IP video door station cannot be added for the live view - "Adding failed". 

We ship all DoorBird IP video door stations with administration access (e.g. abcdef0000) and one pre-configured app user (e.g. abcdef0001) to be able to quickly install the device and test it.

For an easy input of the data, QR codes are available on the document "Digital Passport" that are valid until the user data in the DoorBird App administration was changed.

If the DoorBird IP video door station is "online" according to the online check (https://www.doorbird.com/checkonline), but the DoorBird app displays an error message when adding the app user for the live view, 99% of the time the pre-configured app user (e.g. abcdef0001) has been changed or even removed. 


This can be checked in the DoorBird App:

Settings → Administration → Login → Users → Settings


a) If the app user (e.g. abcdef0001) no longer exists, please create a new user, write down the username and password and then add it by entering it manually. 

b) If the app user (e.g. abcdef0001) exists, but the password is different from the Digital Passport document, make a note of the new password and then add them by entering it manually. 

Hint: You can use the "Share user data" function to generate a new QR code for the user. You can open the mail client to forward the information or directly generate a PDF that can be saved on the smartphone or shared via other apps. 
General Information
Please make sure that you are using the latest version of Door Bird App. It often happens that requests relate to outdated app versions.

iOS: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/doorbird/id898756315 
Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.doorbird.doorbird

Motion Detector

For devices with a built-in motion sensor, you can activate it in the administration of the DoorBird App (DoorBird App → Settings → Administration → Login → Motion Sensor → Settings). 
Push notifications
If the motion sensor is enabled, and you would like to receive push notifications for motion events, you need to enable them separately in the mobile device settings (DoorBird App → settings → click on the added user, e.g. abcdef0001 → push notifications → motion).
Cloud Recording
Cloud Recording for motion events must be enabled separately (DoorBird App → Settings → Administration → Login → Cloud Recording → Motion Sensor → Settings). The user must have active permission to view motion events (DoorBird App → Settings → Administration → Login → Users → Settings → click on the correct user, e.g. abcdef0001 → permissions → motion). 
Push notifications and Cloud Recording both require the same activated schedule (DoorBird App → Settings → Administration → Login → Motion Sensor → Settings → Schedule for actions → Push notification).

Devolo / HomePlug / Powerline

In our experience, Devolo/HomePlug/Powerline adaptors are unfortunately unsuitable for for door communication purposes because they do not transfer all the data correctly. We also know of similar experiences with competing products.
We have no influence on this technology.
Cloud Recording
All DoorBird IP video door stations come with an integrated free image history.
You can find further information about our "Cloud Recording" feature on the following page:  https://www.doorbird.com/cloud-recording
Video Recording / Third party systems / Integration
We offer a comprehensive open API for any kind of third-party integration (e.g. NAS, NVR, VMS, Home Automation, Smart Home etc.).

You can find further information online: https://www.doorbird.com/apiIn addition, we already offer instructions for many interesting integrations on our DoorBird connect pages: https://www.doorbird.com/connect